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Project: Social Integration and Well Being of Older Inmigrants to Rural Retirement Counties

Project Description This study examines how older in-migrants to rural retirement destination counties become socially integrated in their new locales, and how their degree of social integration affects their well being. Even though retirement migration has been a major contributor to rural population growth since the 1970s, virtually no research has focused on the adjustment of older in-migrants to rural retirement destinations. This survey examines how social integration affects the health of older migrants, their functional ability to provide for their daily needs and their propensity for subsequent out migration. Designed as a longitudinal study, respondents were contacted at time one and then again two years later to understand how their social integration changes over time.
Principal Investigator Nina Glasgow
Funding or Sponsor Organization Rural Sociology at Cornell University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Sample or Target Population Individuals age 60+ years and live in a rural retirement desitination county.
Project Start Date 04/08/2002
Project End Date 08/27/2005