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Telephone Surveys

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) surveys are a proven way to reach diverse populations and collect the highest-quality data.

Here are a few key advantages to using our telephone survey tools:

Data quality

All interviewers complete a research ethics and compliance certification program prior to collecting data. Our researchers learn to probe for thoughtful responses—lowering missing data rates. Supervisors monitor interviews in real-time, and research assistants must consistently achieve excellent scores in key areas such as accuracy, standardization, and professionalism to maintain their employment status.


If your sample is not representative, your conclusions are subject to inaccuracy. Most Americans have phones, so telephone surveys offer excellent sample coverage. This allows you to measure perceptions from a wide range of people, which reduces sampling bias. We can help you gauge nationwide public opinion, target specific subpopulations, or contact a list of pre-determined participants.

Response rates

If you need a high response rate, incorporating phone calls into your study is an excellent choice. Though telephone survey cooperation rates have declined in the past few decades, SRI consistently achieves above-average results. Our skilled phone team can persuade even the most reluctant individuals to participate. We often find combining phone calls with our other data collection methods is the easiest way to boost your completion rate.

Let our experts draw upon years of experience to determine which method will work best for you.