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Cornell University

Survey Research Institute

at Cornell University

Data Quality

Without accurate data, you're left with useless information and misguided conclusions. SRI uses evidence-based practices to ensure our clients glean reliable insights. Our knowledge of survey industry standards and emerging trends will improve your study's replicability — a hallmark of quality research.

SRI takes great measures to ensure your data are precise and complete:

Questionnaire development

It's essential to craft questions your audience can easily understand. Researchers often find it challenging to take a step back and imagine their questions through the lens of a potential respondent. SRI has extensive experience in questionnaire design, and we can help translate your big ideas into a digestible, standardized format. You can leverage our knowledge of question order effects, effective probing techniques, visual and aural design principles, appropriate survey length, and avoiding respondent fatigue — all of which influence data quality.

Pilot testing

SRI will thoroughly test your study to identify and correct biases, reducing measurement error. Pretests provide an opportunity to observe how your questions work in the field, which can uncover insidious data quality issues.

Quality control

We'll make sure your data are cleaned, coded, and monitored throughout the project lifecycle. Our certified researchers receive ongoing training to assure high quality data collection. Prior to final data delivery, our team will review your data for consistency, validity, and completeness.

The importance of high data quality cannot be overstated. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.