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Project: Study of Families Receiving Child-Only Welfare Benefits in New York

Project Description The purpose of the study is to address some of the following topics: child behavioral adjustment, children’s progress and achievement in school, child health and disability, the caregiver’s health status and ability to care for the child, the family’s use of and need for social service programs, the caregiver’s relationship to the child, receipt of child support, the caregiver’s employment history, the quality of interactions between the caregiver and child, and the quality of the child’s relationship with his/her biological parent (if applicable). Caregivers are also asked about any special needs they and their children have, focusing particularly on services they may need in order to aid the children’s transitions into adulthood.
Principal Investigator Rachel Dunifon
Funding or Sponsor Organization The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Sample or Target Population A random sample of 800 caregivers receiving child-only welfare benefits, representative of the caseload of child-only recipients in New York State.
Project Start Date 12/02/2002
Project End Date 07/09/2003